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Tomatoes I'm Growing in 2023

I've compiled the list of tomatoes I'm growing in my garden for 2023. I narrowed down my choices to 13 varieties. Some are tried and true favorites and others are new to me. I have also included the seed companies from which I purchased the seeds in case you would like to grow these varieties as well.

I live in an area with an average last frost date of April 6th. (It used to be April 15th and I will probably still use that to be safe) I like using the Old Farmer's Almanac to find frost dates.

There can be a bit of a wide range for when to start certain tomato varieties. The varieties I've chosen to grow range from starting 4-12 weeks before my last frost date. The 12 week start date has me starting seeds in January, and the 4 week start date is in March. Instead of starting the seeds at all different times, I will take the average and start all my tomato seeds in the 6-8 week window which for me is February 18-March 4th.

I have included a discount code from one of the seed companies at the bottom of the article.

Let's start with varieties I have grown and loved in the past.

Cherokee Purple Tomato

First up is Cherokee Purple. It is a great heirloom slicing tomato that I like to enjoy on sandwiches and in a caprese salad. The flesh is just the right texture. I don't love tomatoes that are squishy. I have found this heirloom tomato to be relatively disease resistant compared to other heirloom tomatoes.Seeds are from MIgardener.

Costoluto Genovese Tomato

Costoluto Genovese is a fun shaped, great tasting slicer tomato. I like adding variety in terms of shape of tomato to my garden. MIgardener sells these seeds. If they are sold out, you can enter your email to be notified when back in stock.

White Tomesol Tomato

White Tomesol is a unique pale yellow, almost white slicer tomato. I first grew this just for the novelty of having a white tomato in the garden. It surprised me when I tasted it to find that it was not bland or too sweet like I expected it to be just based off its color. I know I shouldn't judge a book and all, but I had color/taste expectations. Seeds from Baker Creek.

Sungold Tomato

Sungold was by far the most prolific, best performing tomato in my garden last year. The fact that it took me so long to try it is disappointing. I had one plant product into November with zero signs of disease or issues. These are the best tasting cherry tomatoes I have ever tried. I made everyone who visited my garden try one, and they all agreed it was the best tasting cherry tomato. It's a hybrid 60 day tomato. It has high resistance to fusarium wilt and tobacco mosaic virus. Seeds are from Pinetree Garden Seeds.

Kelloggs Breakfast Tomato

Kelloggs Breakfast Tomato was recommended to me by my friend Jen @jensjuicyveggies and it did not disappoint. The tomatoes were huge but uniform in shape. This slicer tomato was one of my favorite for a summer tomato sandwich. It also held up well when making bruschetta and caprese salad. Seeds are from Migardener.

Blue Beauty Tomato

Blue Beauty is a small to medium size slicer tomato. Admittedly, I tried growing it last year just for its looks. I have tried growing several "fun looking" tomatoes and most end up disappointing me in the taste department. (Pink Berkely Tie Dye and Brad's Atomic Grape are two that have disappointed in terms of taste and texture) Blue Beauty is not the best tasting slicer tomato I grow, but since I like growing different color tomatoes and this one has good flavor, it is a keeper. Seeds are from Pinetree Garden Seeds.

Now on to the new varieties I will be testing out in 2023.

Candyland Tomato

Candyland Tomato will be new to me this year. Candyland is technically a currant tomato and described as a heavy producer. I have not had success growing any currant varieties before and I want to try again. Candyland is described as an early maturing (55 days) indeterminate tomato. These seeds are from Pinetree Garden Seeds.

Dr. Wyches Tomato

Dr. Wyches is a yellow beefsteak tomato from MIgardener. One of my gardening friends, Roxana from @soilandmargaritas grows this variety and has had good things to say about it. Many of the varieties that I end up trying in my garden are from seeing other gardeners grow and talk about them on Instagram. Dr. Wyches tomatoes are described as a delicious all-purpose variety with a tangerine color.

Sunsugar Tomato

Sun Sugar is a cherry tomato that I will be trialing against Sungold. This is another Roxana recommendation. She and I have plans to grow both varieties and then decide which one is best. Sun Sugar is a hybrid indeterminate tomato with fruit described as tasting like candy. It's also described as high yielding and crack resistant (65 days to maturity) I was able to find these seeds at Hoss Tools.

Indigo Pear Tomato

Indigo Pear Drops Tomato is an indeterminate 65 day tomato with flavor described as "divine and delicately sweet." These look very cool and if they perform in the taste department they will be a great addition to the garden. Seeds are from Pinetree Garden Seeds.

Blueberries Tomato

Blueberries Tomato is part of the Indigo series and is an 85 day indeterminate tomato. Flavor is described as a nice balanced tomato flavor with a perfect amount of sweetness and juiciness. Seeds are from Pinetree Garden Seeds.

Pineapple Tomato

Pineapple Tomato is an 85 day heirloom indeterminate tomato. It has a combination of orange and yellow stripes both inside and out. It was recommended to me by a fellow gardener. Pineapple tomato is a very large beefsteak tomato with fruits up to 5 inches in diameter. It has a mild flavor and has been known to produce fruits weighing in at 2.5 pounds. Seeds are from Pinetree Garden Seeds.

Indigo Rose Tomato

Indigo Rose is an indeterminate, 90 day tomato described as having a mildly acidic and distinctive flavor with an herbal hint. The herbal hint has me intrigued, however, this could be another case of the fruit looks beautiful but tastes not great. Seeds are from Pinetree Garden Seeds.

Pinetree Garden Seeds has given me a code to share with my readers and followers for 15 percent off your order. Enter code everhopeful22 at checkout. I do not receive any money from Pinetree if you use this code.

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13 sept 2023

What did you think about the Kellogg's Breakfast vs Dr. Wyches vs Pineapple? I will probably add one of these to my garden next year - which one was your favorite? I have always grown red beefsteak tomatoes and added Cherokee Purple this year - LOVED it! Next year adding a yellow tomato to the mix too.

Me gusta
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