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DIY Garden Fountain

Updated: May 9, 2023

After seeing someone make a DIY fountain for their garden on Instagram, I knew it would be my next DIY project. I thought I could make it for around $75 but the total cost ended up at $205. This is still less expensive than anything similar in size and look that you could purchase.

I found a large shallow grey concrete planter at Lowes for $72.99 which has the perfect dimensions for my vision. (20.8 inches wide and 9.8 inches tall)

A charcoal painted terra cotta pot from Home Depot ($44) serves as the base of the fountain, but you could use any sturdy planter you have lying around or find at the store that gives your fountain your desired height.

The first order of business is to get the planter sealed up. I thought i would need some type of concrete grout and flex seal to make sure water didn't leak out the drainage hole, but I ended up using a cork from my childhood piggy bank.

The fountain didn't feel anchored to the space and just needed something. I found a 9 inch tall circular metal raised bed that matches my other raised metal beds. It is 3 feet in diameter and just big enough to fit the fountain and some border plants. The round raised bed was $49 on Amazon.

Home Depot had pots of Celosia for $7.99. I purchased two and I was able to divide each plant into three separate plants, so I ended up with 6 celosia plants. Check the base of a plant when purchasing to see if you can easily divide it to stretch your dollar.

I dug up some Lambs Ear from my yard to alternate with the celosia. Can't beat free plants!

The actual fountain part of the fountain is this solar fountain from Amazon. It has a long cord that allows you to place the solar panel in a sunny spot even if the fountain is in the shade. It can float or be stationary as it has suction cups on the bottom. I

It comes with six different spray nozzles. The sound the fountain makes is perfect; not too loud but loud enough to provide relaxing back noise.

Because I didn't want my fountain to float and move around with the breeze, I added an old DIY drink stand I made from a terra cotta pot and saucer. It is spray painted gold which allows the suction cups of the fountain unit to stick and stay in place. The reason I needed to use the drink stand is raise the fountain motor unit up high enough in the large pot.

The cord is buried under the gravel in the garden path and the solar panel hangs on my garden arch, or leans up against a grow bag.

UPDATED (9/10/22) Ok, less than 12 hours after posting this fountain write up, I have an update. I ordered a different solar fountain that has no cord and floats. I had an issue with my first fountain floating as it moved to one edge of the water and spilled over the side. This floating fountain has retractable arms that keep it mostly centered. It also has a battery bank so that it can charge during the day and last up to 7 hours at night. Did I mention it has lights? Disco Garden vibes happening over here.

I'm happy with how the fountain turned out, and the final price tag was $205 which includes Two planters, a solar fountain, a round raised bed, soil and plants. Message me with any questions you have and if you make your own fountain, I would love to see pictures! UPDATE: now the total is $241 since I ordered a second solar fountain.

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