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DIY Flower Drying Rack

Updated: May 17, 2023

Don't have a dehydrator but want to dry flowers like calendula? No problem, you can make your own flower drying rack with some inexpensive wood and window screen.

Tools needed for this project are a saw to cut wood to desired size and 45 degree angles in the wood pieces, staple gun, measuring tape, and brad nailer.

I purchased two 8 foot furring strips for around $1.37 each and a roll of screen for $7.49 at the home improvement store.

I measured and cut four pieces of wood at 24” and 4 pieces of wood at 12”.

I used a mitre saw to cut 45 degree angles at the ends of each strip.

A brad nailer was used to secure one side of the frame together at the corners. I then used a staple gun to secure the screen to the assembled side.

Added the top pieces of wood with the brad nailer again and done! And of course Ranger laid in the middle of the project because #velcrodog 💕

Your flower drying rack can sit on a table or you can add some eye hooks to the wood pieces and hang the rack. I hung mine from the roof of my garden shed. Something to keep in mind is the humidity where you are attempting to dry flowers. Anywhere with high humidity will slow the drying process and the flowers could even develop mold before they have a chance to dry.

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