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Favorite Garden Gear

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

I wanted to share the gardening items that I have been enjoying lately. I thought it would be helpful to have them all in one place with easy links to the exact ones that I have. These are all items that I have used personally and can recommend.

I just recently ordered this leaf blower/vacuum/mulcher and I love it. I ordered it to be able to shred my fall leaves for both my compost and to mulch my raised beds for the winter. I thought the price justified the purchase and I found it easy to use. It is a plug-in; not a battery operated blower. It has two suction/blow power settings and bag is the right size. Any bigger and it would get too heavy to make it easy to use.

I was gifted this plant propagation stand and loved it instantly. I keep it on my kitchen window sill and use it to propagate tomato suckers, fiddle leaf fig cuttings, and anything else I can find that will root in water. It comes with no damage wall hooks if you want to hang it. It also comes with a test tube brush cleaner.

I am constantly leaving my garden clippers out in the rain (I know I'm not the only one!). To help with keeping them sharp I use this Pocket Diamond Hone sharpening tool. You start with the coarsest grit and always go in the direction of the blade when sharpening. I found watching some youtube videos helpful.

I decided to make my garden arch into a makeshift hoophouse for the winter. I used PVC snaps to attach the plastic to pvc pipes that line the two sides of the arch.

I have had a hard time finding a good way to label my plants and for a long time just relied on remembering where and what I planted. This has failed me every time, and now I am committed to labeling things in the garden. These plant tags are what I am currently using. The Gardener's Blue Ribbon Plant Labels are so much sturdier than anything else I have tried. I use both Sharpie or a label maker to label them. They also have a hole at one end which allows you to use string or wire to attach them to fruit bushes or trees. I wish I had labeled my figs and blueberries with their respective varieties.

For those of you who want to try and keep some of the caterpillars in your garden safe from the birds, this Butterfly habitat is what I use to rear the caterpillars and house the chrysalises till hatching. The company makes several different shapes and sizes. The large one I ordered is what they had in stock at the time.

I use floral tubes for the caterpillar food: the dill, parsley, carrot tops and celery. This keeps the food fresh while preventing the caterpillars from falling into any water and drowning.

I use a plastic test tube rack to hold the floral tubes upright inside the butterfly habitat.

Of course I have to include my belt bag that I always wear when gardening. I never have a place to put my phone while gardening as I live in leggings. I'm always wanting to snap a picture of something while out in the garden and this belt bag is perfect. I'm not above wearing it out as well. It is now my go to for credit cards and phone when I have to venture inside a store. So much better than lugging a purse on my shoulder.

I was gifted this click n grow for Christmas years ago and I especially love using it in the winter to have a bright spot on my counter. You can grow so many different types of flowers, herbs and vegetables in it. I currently have lavendar growing in mine and I want to do basil next.

For seed storage I am in love with this photo case. I have the clear one which seem to be out of stock quite a bit. You can also find them at Michaels Stores sometimes on super sale. I have found them as low as $12.59 at Michaels just recently and purchased a second one. They are usually $42 regular price at Michaels. If they aren't on sale at Michaels, then they can be less expensive to purchase off of Amazon. There are some other brands on Amazon, but I have only tried the Recollections brand.

I like to save my own seeds and to do so I purchase two different size seed packets. I buy small seed packets for the really small seeds or those of which I don't have many. I buy larger seed packets for larger seed quantities or larger seeds. I like how thick the small packets are and will be searching for some thicker large ones

I like to customize my seed packets with homemade stamps. I used a stamp carving kit like this one to carve my own seed label stamps.

I also purchased some fun small detail plant stamps to add to the seed packets. I knew I would not be able to carve something intricate like I wanted. The particular set that I have is currently unavailable, but these are very similar.

For planting garlic and flower bulbs, this Dibbler comes in handy, saving you a lot of elbow grease!

This is the first year I have been able to harvest enough blueberries for my family to enjoy and actually have enough with which to bake. I used bird netting and scare tape to keep the birds and squirrels away.

I like to start both my fall and spring garden from seed, and I like using these little Jiffy peat pots to start the seed under grow lights.

If you are attempting hot composting, then a compost thermometer with a long probe is great to have. I ordered the REO 20 inch one for my compost. I am really liking it so far.

The seed heat mats, seed starting trays and metal counter compost bin are on my Christmas wishlist. I will update this post with my thoughts on them once I test them out!

I hope you find it helpful to have these products in one place. Let me know if you try any of them and what you think!

*This site contains affiliate links which means that I may receive commissions for purchases made through these links. However, please know that I only provide links to products that I actually use and wholeheartedly recommend!

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